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Welcome to Maritime Models Ltd Co Ltd
Ship Process Model




Our models are built according to original museum and archive plan, in the exact scale. We have experts on each ship models. Each model is built by one person


Keel & Rib:


Our artisans follow a series of steps to create and complete the hull:

  • 1/  The keel and rib sections are carved out of the finest wood.
  • First the keel and the ribs are assembled to form the skeleton of the vessel. This ensures durability and gives a perfect finish.
  • Two layers of planking ,mainly teak and camphor are nailed and glued to the hull The first layer is nailed and glued using camphor wood and  The second layer made of teak woods  is glued to the hull, each layer being thoroughly rubbed down with glass-paper.


  • Decking
  • The deck is prepared and laid in authentic planking style before being thoroughly sanded down and varnish
  • The fittings and decorations for the deck and exterior of the hull are prepared, then varnished or painted seperately, and fitted to the vessel

     Next the hull is given several coats of French varnish, each coat being sanded                            down before the next is applied.

  • Then the deck, fittings and furnishing received their final coat of clear varnish paint , depending on the models




Over the years we have successfully sent our models around the world. We can organize shipment to the nearest international airport or at your door, depending on what you would want.

We can issue a certificate of authenticity for each model along with a life warranty.

3) Mast and rigging

  • 1/  The masts are turned on a lathe and assembled before being varnished following the same procedure as for the rest of the ship.
  • 2/  Sails are cut to size and stitched, then soaked in tea to give an authentic look. Afterwards the vessel is rigged following a detailed rigging plan, which includes fitting the sails and masts. The ship is then complete.


Inspection & Packing

A final inspection is done by the factory manager before packing. To prevent breakage we provide wooden and carton boxes made as smallest as possible to allow maximun shipping capacity for all our products





















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