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This HMS ENDEAVOUR belongs to Captain James Cook who made his first voyage to explore new continents. This ship was made in such a manner so that it facilitated explorers to endure long time voyage during exploration.

Captain James Cook was born in 1728 at York in Great Britain. He got permission by the government to explore new continents and isolated islands. He did his first exploration in 1768 in Tahiti with the Company of some astronomers and in April 1769, Queen Oberea manifested her sympathy to Captain Cook thus nominating him master of a group of island named “Iles de la Societé”.

In June 1769, the ENDEAVOUR began another exploration. During mid October 1769 Captain Cook designed the chart of New Zealand as well as its natural characteristics. He came across the place where Australia & New Zealand were separated thus becoming the first explorer of Australia. Furthermore, he discovered New Guinea and explored the meridian and oriental coasts. On his way back to Great Britain he passed across the Cape of Good Hope and arrived home in July 1771.

Unfortunately, Feb 1774 was Captain Cook’s last voyage as he got a tragic end – he was captured and killed by wild people in an unknown island.



Size: 85x70x25 Year: 1768
Euro 530