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Royal Caroline



The Royal Caroline was one of the most splendid and sumptuously decorated royal yachts of all time.  The gilded figure head is an idealized queen holding a royal orb and scepter.  Royal Caroline carries a captain’s gig that has elaborate decoration. The Royal Caroline was built at Deptford Shipyard in 1749 as a yacht for English royal family, George II and his wife Caroline. The yacht was used for pleasure cruises and as a transport for members of the court sailing between England and Holland.  The design of the ship was based on an earlier vessel built in 1700 as a Peregrine galley.  She was designed by Lord Danby, an admiral who had designed several vessels for Peter the Great of Russia.  She was one of the fastest sailing vessels in the royal navy at that time and was used by the royal family until 1805.  The ship was a prototype for a long line of 20 gun and 32 gunships.

Size: 80x65x25 Year: 1780
Euro 680