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San Felipe


First Launched in 1690, the San Felipe was easily one of the most impressive ships of the Spanish Armada. As Spain’s lead ship during the 17th century, the San Felipe displaced over 1000 tons and was armed with 96 cannons, rendering her as one of the most capable fighters in the European Sea. San Felipe’s role in the fight against Britain and France was to aid in the defense of Spanish settlements and harbors while transporting goods, and also to safeguard the hazardous journey back to the Spanish ports from these colonies. In the year 1705, the San Felipe participated in an epic battle wherein 12 Spanish vessels and 35 British ships fought for 24 full hours. Captured by an English ship, but so badly damaged that she could not be salvaged, the San Felipe capsized, plummeting to the depths of the sea with several tons of gold on board. The San Felipe possessed a slim profile and broad sails which allowed it great agility. The war ship’s beauty was pronounced by various intricately fashioned sculptures adorning her stern.

Size: 97x93x38 Year: 1690
Euro 1800